Shenzhen art exhibition center facade one, two, three.

Shenzhen art exhibition center facade one, two, three.
Project name: stage 1 external wall renovation of art exhibition center.
Completion date: May 2010.
Construction area: 11000 square meters.
Project location: shenzhen.
Design materials: fluorocarbon paint aluminum plastic board, wood plastic board, China black granite, stainless steel, exterior wall paint.

Design company: shenzhen creative domain design co. LTD.

Shenzhen art exhibition center stage 1 appearance renovation project, located in the luohu district of shenzhen city of sungang trade and logistics park main road, the surrounding traffic is very convenient. The whole design of the main building is divided into golden section, and it has a strong visual impact through the volume of the concave and convex size and the gradient of color, which is green, spring is full, and the mood is pleasant.
Change the 144 meters long and 30 meters wide, 26 meters high building the biggest change is to abandon the traditional design methods, many traditional facade renovation project material update only on the surface, and the purpose of our design is to build a new "firsthand," in a "box" packaging technique to reinterpret the connotation of the commercial buildings. "Rubik's cube" is the work of our director in this sense.
Green apply bold and strong, "green" represents life, vitality, in grey buildings around, its elegant artistic temperament which fully reflects the artistic charm of the smithsonian center, as the national famous household accessories centre, this temperament, for future national chain enterprise VI do good bedding



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