Company Profile

Creative Space Design & Decoration Co.,Ltd, the pioneer in Shenzhen in the field of interior design, was founded by Mr.Yin Yanming in 2001. For over a decade, the design concepts and ideas from Creative Space have been applied to designs in diverse universe including hotel, commercial real estate, office space and architecture facades. The design and service quality of Creative Space is of good reputation in the whole industry. We innovate diverse developing paths of exhibition, product design, furniture design and non-profit design according to the extended concept of Big Design. After practice for years, Creative Space design team has been awarded over a hundred honors including the OPAL Outstanding Property Award London,the IDA International Design Awards,the Italian A 'Design Award, SBID International Design Award(the UK), German Design Award, APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Award, IDCF Design100 Great China Most Influential Design Institute. 

Keep developing, where innovation lies. Creative Space insists that it’s design that produces value. Consideration on every detail is our respect to the spirit of craftsman. Going back to the initial point is the source of innovation of Creative Space.
Design is being redefined continuously accompany with changing of time and trends of aesthetics. As a practitioner of complete design system, Creative Space holds on to the design concept of “Integration of hard decoration and soft decoration” to combine clients’ real needs with design concepts. We provide integrated service package of hard decoration design, soft decoration design, purchase and execution. 
Our main projects are nearly everywhere domestically. Moreover, we’ve built and maintained close cooperation strings with more than ten well-known domestic real estate developers. We fully understand the value, effect of value-added, importance and influence of what we convey through our designs. Through good communication and cooperation, we can finally embody the integration of design value and business value through our designs.

Mr.Yin Yanming

Design is an art of life, communication of thinking and emotion as well as combination of imagination and reality. It’s a journey across dreams. Design carries wishes from others but more than that, it carries our own dreams, our understanding of life and our eternal pursuit of beauty. The building process of our own design mind map represents our longing for freedom and the kind of ideal life.

Yin Yanming

Senior Interior Architecture Designer
Shenzhen Creative Space Decoration & Design Co.,Ltd
Chairman & Design Supervisor
SIID Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design Vice Chairman
Shenzhen Association of Interior Designers Vice Secretary General
China Institute of Interior Design Branch The Third Professional council Vice Secretary General
Shenzhen Display Art &Furnishing Guild Executive Director
Guangdong Designers Alliance Executive Director

Mr.Yin Yanming, the founder and design supervisor of Creative Space Decoration & Design Co.,Ltd, is one of the representative characters in the field of interior design of China. He emphasizes creativity, orders and diversified experience in his designs. He combines all these characteristics and his designing experience of over twenty years perfectly. In the fields of boutique hotels, commercial real estate, office space, architecture facades, etc, the space he builds convey the harmony of emotion, culture and art. The methods he applies on design is both mature and implied meanwhile focus the balance of human and space, shape and colors to show the atmosphere and initial beauty inside design.

Mr.Yin Yanming and his team have been honored by the OPAL Outstanding Property Award London,the IDA International Design Awards,the Italian A 'Design Award, The SBID International Design Awards, German Design Awards, APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards and more than a hundred international and Asian awards on the strength of his outstanding design projects. Depending on his accumulated contribution in the field of design, he was selected as Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Association Top Ten Men, Cover Person of the year of “American Interior Design-Chinese”. The album he compiled in 2010,”Reflections on a Journey of Designs” and “Memories of the Beautiful Moments” were pressed by Dalian University of Technology Press.

Not only devoting himself in farming in the field of interior design, Mr.Yin also actively extends his design to other fields and practices the design principles in the diversified era. Mr.Yin was invited many times to bring the original furniture and art installations he designed to many influential exhibitions like Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, HK-SZ Biennale, Love Seat Exhibition, Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, New Who Art Festival, etc., and give speeches. At the same time, Mr.Yin is also an active participant in volunteer activities. He designed and donated the third space in Hewai Primary School named Zhuo Yu Building in Yunnan Province. The concepts in volunteer fair of combining design and education, enhancing education quality in rural areas through design he came up with are highly concerned in design industry. Mr.Yin was selected by many well-known media and organizations as Non-Profit Person of the Year in Design Field. 

Under the motivation of pursuit of “design of life and art”, Creative Space design team led by Mr.Yin Yanming keeps growing and developing. Only through changing of design commons, emphasizing the application of design and art in space and method of integrated discovering can we seek for new enhancements.

Main honor

2021 (OPAL)Outstanding Property Award London-Interior Design-Winners

2021 (IDA)International Design Awards-Honorable Mention(USA

2021 Muse Design Awards- Interior Design-Living Spaces - Platinum(USA)

2019 French GPDP International Design Award- International Innovation Design Award

2019 The World Bauhaus Award-Gold

2019 China Chinese Design Brand List · Annual Design Leadership Brand Figure

2019 Italy A’ Design Award-Bronze

2018 Italy A’ Design Award-Silver &Bronze

2018 German Design Award winner & special mention

2018 Art Dsiplay China Crystal Kylin Awards-Public welfare and livelihood award-Gold

2017 SBID International Design Excellence Awards(The UK)

2017 Tencent Household Jin Teng Award “Non-Profit Award of the Year”;
2017 IEED International Ecological Environment Design Alliance “Non-Profit Person of the year”
2016 SIXARTS Award “Non-Profit Love Award”
IDCF Design100 Great China Most Influential Design Institute
2015 Gold Brick Award “Best Vila Design of the Year”
2014 Top Ten Elite Designer in Decoration Industry

Team Members

Our team is a group of talented people who are creative and with professional knowledge and skills. Under the leading of Mr.Yin Yaniming, Creative Space has become the kind of design institution of creativity and in which the designers can follow their heart. We never stop the pace of seeking for talented professionals to corporate. With an open mind, enthusiasm, energy and profession spirit with creativity, as well as taking the close adherence of individual talent and group wisdom as foundation, we make encouraging designs under same wishes from different enterprises and improve ourselves.

Brand Culture

  • Design concept
  • Service Concept
  • Operation Concept
  • Design Understandings
  • Keep developing, where innovation lies

    Design is a combination of art and crafts. We pursue modernity and culture as the mainstream of our designs. We make designs bloom in a peace and implicit way.

  • Wipe the outdated. Embrace the future. Client is the base of everything.

    We create boutique designs with an open mind, enthusiasm, energy and dedication with creativity, taking the close adherence of individual talent and group wisdom as foundation and improve ourselves.

  • Accurate Positioning Embrace Diversity

    Located in Shenzhen, the city of design, we have global vision and inclusiveness. We provide clients with a design brand which creates diversified value through the method of brand management and designs of high quality.

  • Design Understandings

    The space created by designs is the media of a designer’s initial dream and reality. After operations on the aspect of technology, a mature interior design should be able to make access to a spirit level without real form: making viewers deeply moved without words but engage in silence and comfort.

  • Honorary Awards

  • 2017 SBID International Design Excellence Awards Finalist (UK)
  • 2017 Tencent Household Jin Teng Award ,"Non-Profit Design Award of the Year"
  • 2017 IEED International Ecological Environment Design Alliance,"Non-Profit Activist of the year" 
  • 2017 China Space Design Competition "Pengding Award" Annual Design Industry Promotion Award
  • 2017 SIID Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design "2016-2017 Annual Outstanding Member"
  • 2016 SIXARTS Award "Non-Profit Love Design Award"
  • IDCF Design100 Great China Most Influential Design Institution
  • 2016 Forth China Decoration Artwork Invitational Tournament Bronze Award
  • 2015 "Gold Brick Award"Best Vila Design of the Year
  • 2015 "Gold Brick Award" Annual Guangdong Decoration Industry Outstanding Design Institute
  • 2015 "Jintang Award" China Interior Design Annual Outstanding Model Room/Sales Office Design
  • 2015 Guangdong "Lingnan Cup" Outstanding Design Institution
  • 2015 APDC Asia-Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Tournament Model Room Space Winner
  • 2014 Shenzhen Decoration Industry Top Ten Elite Designer
  • 2014 "Jintang Award" China Interior Design Annual Outstanding Office Space Design
  • 2014 First China Decoration Design Art Gold Phoenix Inheritance Award

  • 2013 Jintang Prize, "Top Ten China Interior Design of Model Room/Sales Office"

  • 2013 "Jintang Award" China Interior Design Annual Outstanding Office Space Design
  • 2012 First Gold Phoenix Gold Art Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Contest,"Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Top Ten Men"

  • 2012 China Decoration Art Development Forum ,"Pioneer Person of Decoration of the Year "
  • 2012 Shanghai International Interior Design Festival Seventh "Gold Bund Award" Best Decoration Match and View design Award
  • 2011 "Jintang Award" Interior Design Annual Model Room/Sales Office Top Ten Project
  • 2011 Eleventh China Restaurant Jinma Award China Top Ten Hotel Design Institution
  • 2010 Fifth Cross-Strait Interior Design Competition Shenzhen Area Commercial Architecture Gold Award
  • 2009 Annual China Restaurant Design Decoration Competition-Jintang Award China Top Ten China Hotel Designer
  • 2008 "Three Decades, Thirty People China Interior Design Promotion Person" Award
  • 2008 Gold Goat Award (Showroom, Restaurant & Bar Category) China Top Ten Interior Designer 
  • 2008 Forth Cross-Strait Interior Design Competition Public Architecture Category Bronze Award
  • 2008 China (Shanghai) "Gold Bund Award" Best Lighting Plan Finalist
  • 2007 "Shandong Entry - Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau" Project on Annual China Architecture Construction Luban Award
  • 2007 Fifth Modern Decoration International Media Award Annual Interior Design Award
  • 2006 Annual Best Interior Designer in Shenzhen
  • 2006 IDCFC China Shenzhen Second Interior Design Culture Festival City Honor.Outstanding Designer
  • 2006 IDCFC China Shenzhen Second Interior Design Culture Festival Gold Award (Club and Model Room Design        Category)
  • 2006 Annual China Top Ten Housing Designer Honoree
  • 2006 Second China Interior Design Art Exhibition (Housing Architecture Interior Deign) Top Ten Visual Award
  • 2006 IDCFC China Shenzhen Second Interior Design Culture Festival Best Plan Award (Hotel Deign Plan Category)
  • 2005 Annual Best Interior Designer in Shenzhen
  • 2005 "Two Decades of China Interior Design" Promotion Design Award
  • 2005 "Shenzhen Top Ten Interior Designer"
  • 2005 The Second Cross-Starit Interior Deisgn Minor Award
  • 2005 Southern China Region The Fifth "Jiajun Cup" Interior Design Third Class Award
  • 2005 China Interior Design Top Ten Cover Person (Finalist)
  • 2005 China International Restaurant Exposition Outstanding Hotel Designer
  • 2005 China(Shenzhen) International Brand And Design Competition Excellent Creation (Finalist)
  • 2005 China.Shenzhen First Interior Design Culture Festival Silver Award (Housing Architecture Project Category)
  • 2004(1989-2004) China Top 100 Outstanding Interior Designer
  • 2004 Shenzhen Government Decoration Guild Outastanding Designer
  • 2003 Eleventh APIDA Asia-Pacific Region Interior Design Award (Hotel Category Outstanding Project Award)
  • Service Flow

    Cooperative Client

    Located in the city of design, Shenzhen, we have international vision and inclusiveness. The development path over a decade builds steady corporation and the connection for a long run with groups of clients, suppliers, craftsmen and artisans. We together