Yijingli family (renderings)

Yijingli family (renderings)
The project is located in linyi, shandong province, with a total construction area of about 6702 square meters, and the design of a rooftop garden area of about 3,250 square meters. The project market is located as a pure high-end urban rooftop garden shopping center.
The main functions include entrance square, cultural creative park, exhibition hall, zhongchuang cafe, shop area, sunshine room display area, leisure landscape, office space, etc. The design concept of "integration" of the project from architectural design, garden landscape, to shop planning and window design is designed by the creative team.
This case is positioned as the city roof garden shopping center, our plan is very good echo the design of the garden, with "sky commercial street" as the whole project design concept. To incorporate natural elements and shopping center, with natural elements as the breakthrough point, through a variety of methods will be introduced to the green roof space, at the same time using the log, the clear water concrete materials to strengthen space such as the characteristics of the pure, simple, for customers to build a kind of quiet and lively shopping experience. Based on the essence of space diversity, we adopt a LOFT design style to a unified space design language, use of industrial steel structure architecture, the use of visual effects that appear, as far as possible, increase the space open and interactive.
On overall layout, set the steel structure build part around the roof, middle exhibit as the sun room, visiting route back to form transformation, set different landscape sketch in each traffic hub, park green space, let customers in the process of visit, leisure square is like place oneself in nature, the experience of the garden. From the project to the roof garden and street square, it brings a natural oasis to linyi modern mall.



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