Creative Space has attracted diverse professionals in the field of art and design. You’ll find our experienced design supervisor land creative team learns from each other sharing their professional knowledge and inspiration. We believe in no doubt that the power and wisdom of a group create new and better things. We’re always in search of excellent people!
  • Presentation Drawing Assistance Designer

      Description: 1、Cooperate with texture, model and related materials collecting in the process Of presentation drawing making.
      2、Cooperate with presentation drawing designing and producing.
      3、Compose final presentation drawings following corporation standard.
      4、Print presentation drawings according to the needs of projects and ensure printing quality.
      5、Other assistance work in presentation drawing department.
  • Schematic Designing Assistant

      Description: 1、Collect and classify design materials;
      2、Assist schematic designers looking for conceptual design pictures and cooperate with plan improving.
      3、Cooperate with sketching general layouts, colored elevation plans and perspectives.
      4、Cooperate with sample of main materials of projects.
      5、Other assistance work.
  • Soft Decoration Team Leader

      Description: 1、College degree or above majoring in interior design, environment art or majors related to art design;
      2、Working experience on soft decoration over three years. Prefer candidates with hotel, club and model room projects designing experience.
      3、 Operate design software including CAD, Photoshop, Office, CorelDraw skillfully.
      4、Supposed to have good sense of appreciation, ability to express and sense of innovation so that you can accurately understand and measure the characteristics of target project space.
      5、Equipped with abilities of finishing project design individually, purchase, placing, site arrangement, budget proposing and cost control.
      6、Have unique comprehensions and points of view towards interior design, accessories, layout and soft decoration.
      7、Outstanding creativity and management ability. Able to propose design plans meeting with clients’ needs.
  • Schematic Designer

      Description: 1、You should have a college degree or above and majoring in architecture design, interior design or majors related to environment art design. We hope that you have gained proficiency in design software and good at sketching.
      2、We hope you have working experience in mega projects related to interior decoration design and commercial real estate design. It’ll be better if you can provide your design project samples.
      3、Firstly, you should be very into the interior design affairs. We also demand good concepts proposal ability and deep understandings towards decoration materials, construction crafts and decoration budget.
      4、We hope you’re of good manners, always responsible, good at communication, able to work under pressure and equipped with team spirit and dedication to work.
      5、Related working experience over three years. Prefer candidates who have well-known design corporations backgrounds.。
  • Accessory Assistance Designer

      Description: 1、Cooperate with soft decoration designers searching and collecting related Materials to complete soft decoration plan.
      2、Cooperate with materials brochure making.
      3、Cooperate with related work of soft decoration including purchase, logic, placing and acceptance.
      4、Other assistance work in accessory department.
  • Construction Drawing Assistance Designer

      Description: 1、Cooperate with drawings making.
      2、Familiar with standard of drawing making.
      3、Collect and classify finished construction drawings and blueprints.
      4、Other assistance work.
  • Chairman Assistant/Secretary

      Description: 1、College degree or above majoring in secretary, Chinese study, marketing, advertising or majors related.
      2、Good appearance with grace, over 5.5 inches tall.
      3、Very into interior design industry and have a certain extent of understandings towards it.
      4、Good oral expression, communication and arrangement abilities.
      5、Excellent writing skills. Able to propose business documents.
      6、Positive working attitude. Work with feasible plan and logic. Able to work under pressure.
  • Construction Drawing Designer

      Description: 1、College degree or above majoring in interior design, architecture engineering design, environment art design or art related majors;
      2、Public decoration construction drawings making experience over two years.
      3、 Operate design software including AutoCAD skillfully and very familiar with interior design construction crafts and materials;
      4、Equipped with good ability of projects improvements and can individually finish construction drawings making.
      5、Prefer candidates with construction site experience.
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