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Company Introduction  


Shenzhen Creative Space Design & Decoration Co., Ltd. 


Shenzhen Creative Space Design and Decoration Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 in Shenzhen, China. Its business scope covers hotel design, commercial real estate design, public building space design, commercial space design, and many other design fields. The firm is administrated by Mr. Yin Yanming who is entitled the Shenzhen Top-Ten Interior Designer and the Chinese National Top-100 Interior Designer. The firm’s design team is composed of experienced designers from different regions and varied professional and interdisciplinary design background. Throughout the years, the firm adheres to the Integration of idea and form design concept and aims to combine the fusion of life and art in spaces. In the past ten years, the company has carried out many commissioned design projects in more than twenty first-tier cities in China, and we have always been adhering to the business philosophy of innovative design and professional service. The company has won numerous design awards including the APIDA Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, China National Interior Design Competition, Interior Design Competition among Four Places across the Taiwan Strait, Jin-Tang Prize, to name a few. The company was rated as the China top-ten hotel design agency, the best interior design company of Shenzhen, the greater China's most influential design institute, and has formed a good strategic partnership with many domestic and global enterprises and won a universal trust for high design quality from the professional and public society.

The firm has made steady development during the past sixteen years. In cooperation with foreign design companies, the firm have expanded international vision of the designer and gradually formed a team of international collaborative model. The firm pay attention to enterprise culture connotation, adhere to diversified and innovative brand development direction to create excellent design work. With continuous innovation and achieve performance levels are our eternal pursuit of design career.

To the nature of growth and ultimate innovation. Since establishment, we adhere to the original will of dedicated to the pursuit of the function of the works, the perfect combination of technology and art. Creative space are two short words, design has been thousand words. We focus on the works to convey to the customer's sense of value and value-added effect,Through good communication and cooperation, and ultimately reflect the value of the company and commercial value of the communion.The pursuit of excellence, do not forget the beginning of the heart, we will continue to go beyond ourselves with a good corporate image and design work to explore the future design direction.